We are not interested in academic exercises in the law - our job is to help you get your job done. Legal input should make the challenge easier, not harder.


Twenty-five plus years of experience in Raymond Beven, together with expert additional legal resource from the Beven Legal network as and when needed.

Entrepreneurial client relationships

Crafted from the ground up to meet your needs for legal services, and then maintained as a trusted “business partner” on an ongoing basis (as suits).

Value billing

An approach to fees which is dynamic and flexible, focusing on the value to the client and reducing legal bills overall. No “one size fits all” fees policy.

About us

Beven Legal is Raymond Beven, a former City law firm partner, plus a network of like-minded individuals who want to provide legal services in a different way.

Law firm business models are changing. General counsel, legal managers and business executives are under pressure to stretch the legal budget further – or to reduce it. A many-partnered, “bricks and mortar” firm with a high cost structure will not always be value for money or provide the client experience you seek.

Benefits of the “virtual” law firm

Leveraging cost-effectively off networks, technologies and business process outsourcing, so that our value billing offers lower fees than high cost structure firms.

We do commercial, corporate, finance and “projects” law for the infrastructure, technology and services sectors.


Personal access to partner-level or other highly-experienced lawyers.

About us

Many lawyers to business seem uncomfortable in discussing fees. We are not - we will be upfront, and we will deliver certainty. Beven Legal’s model and approach will limit expensive legal fees without compromising quality, dellivery or credibility. Contact Raymond Beven to discuss how we can maximise your legal budget.